UAV- camera tests in Siedlecin (Lower Silesia)

Last weekend we had a chance to visit a Medieval Ducal Tower in Siedlecin, Poland ( for more info look up: also available in english). Our aim was to make few flights with a UAV and to test of the cameras we had at hand, how they behave and how would they differ in the perspective of making a 3d model out of photos made by them. If possible also to make few photos from the kite.

Mounting the camera on the UAM

Mounting the camera on the UAV


It’s in the air – watching and piloting the UAV


It’s in the air – the ground perspective


Landscape from above


Landscape around the Ducal Tower


#droney – I’ve heard they are getting popular


From the air – another perspective (the Ducal Tower and us as small dots)


Where is Siedlecin? :

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